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The AWTKF Kids Curriculum is one of a kind because it's comprehensive and tailored for all developmental levels. Students are placed in the Tiger Tots, Young Dragons or Youth Black Sash Program based on skill and areas for improvement. All students learn in a safe, fun and positive environment.

Students build foundational skills including- but not limited to- strength, coordination, focus, discipline, self-defense. And that is just the beginning!

Students are taught character building skills such as leadership, kindness and positive attitude. Are your kids ready to be the best versions of themselves?

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Why Choose Kids Kung-fu Classes?

Our Kids Kung-fu Classes are designed by age and ability level to match students with their peers for fun training that fosters a collaborative environment and instills teamwork and cooperation. Before you know it, you will see a drastic difference in your child's behavior, focus and self-confidence... what we teach at AWTKF is focused on genuinely helping each child thrive. Our kids see marked improvements in grades, attitudes, chores and overall quality of life.

Our Kids Kung-fu classes can make an extraordinary difference in your child's life.

Our Kids Kung-fu Classes can offer your child:

  • Motor skills and muscle memory.
  • Confidence in themselves.
  • Respect for others.
  • Learn to say "NO" to negative peer pressure.
  • Teamwork.
  • Power of goal setting.
  • And so much more!

We Have A Curriculum For Any Age Group

Our priority at AWTKF is to provide the most comprehensive and age appropriate curriculum to help your child succeed. We break our Kids classes up into two separate age groups and use the SKILLZ curriculum that is trusted by parents and masters alike.


We have introductory classes for kids. This will get them one-on-one time with one of our highly skilled kids program instructors.

After you register, one of our instructors will contact you to discuss all the details and help schedule the intro classes at a day and time that works for you and your family. Then, if your child would like to continue after the intro classes, we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about our programs.


The White Tiger Kung Fu lineage has persevered through the rise and fall of many dynasties because it works! As Charles Darwin said, "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change." Kids who acquire fundamental skills such as tenacity and wellness at a young age (especially during challenging times like these) go on to excel in all facts of life!

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It is our goal at The White Tiger Kung Fu to make learning fun for the kids. We want them to look forward to each Kids Kung-fu lesson as they learn confidence, discipline, focus, and respect.

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Studying martial arts is ideal for young children. It provides them with an outlet for their energy. But, it also teaches them about respect, discipline, and other core values that will go with them beyond the Martial Arts. Junior martial arts classes teach kids to control their movements and behavior, and they’ll learn social skills and interaction at the same time.

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Why Martial Arts is Beneficial for you Kid


Young children who learn martial arts find out quickly that each movement must be intentional. They learn to control their movements to the best of their ability.

They also practice hand-eye coordination and learn about their bodies. That means they’ll be less likely to be unintentionally destructive.

Getting young kids to pay attention can feel like an impossible task. The structure of our martial arts classes shows kids the importance of focus and teaches them by having them apply it to easily achievable tasks.

The focus they learn in the Martial Arts is something they’ll take home – and into the classroom. That’s why kids who study martial arts tend to be good students, too.


Martial arts instruction requires students to pursue goals to earn new belts. Young kids can easily become frustrated when they don’t get what they want, but studying martial arts helps them learn the power of persistence.

The physical activity in our classes also helps kids manage stress and anxiety by allowing them to burn it off in a safe and constructive way.

Losing is not anybody’s idea of fun, but we all need to learn how to accept a defeat gracefully and move on. We teach students that losing is part of life – and it’s what you do after you lose that tells people who you are.

Even though martial arts is an individual sport, we cultivate an environment of supportive teamwork where students root for one another.


We understand the difficulties parents face in raising a child and design lessons to target these challenges..

We’ve dealt with it all here and believe that the secret to your child’s development is a mix of rewarding physical activity and a focus on instilling essential life lessons. Through psychology, eastern wisdom practiced for generations, and patience, we help kids reach new heights of development.

Rest assured knowing your child isn’t just benefiting from a fun physical activity, they’re also building skills such as focus, discipline, respect, empathy, confidence, and more through their training.

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Our programs combines a self-defense curriculum along with a rigorous workout designed to :

  • Increase your confidence.

  • Improves behaviour.

  • Sets goals & helps achieve them.

  • Build cardiovascular endurance.

  • Help keep you safe from real-world dangers.



"The benefits of this place go beyond words. Something special happens here. You can feel it. Fun atmosphere. Good, pure-hearted students. The head instructors have more knowledge than you can ever imagine- about martial arts and life in general. My confidence has gone up ten-fold since joining two years ago (and at the risk of sounding egoic, I will say my confidence already was at a solid base).

Kung Fu will definitely make you work hard and definitely humble you too. I still have so much to learn, but I can't imagine going forward in life (let alone in martial arts) without White Tiger Kung Fu and this school specifically. I feel fortunate to have found it. If you're interested in martial arts, trust your gut. You've found the right place. Come on in!"


"Absolutely love training here. It's a very family oriented place. And the atmosphere is amazing. Just being here makes me feel at home.

During classes we focus on many things from health, leadership, life coaching, focus building and so many other things. Each class makes me feel inspired to do my best each and every day. Pushing myself that extra 1%.

Classes aren't challenging but they push you to your limit. That being said a brand new student off the street isn't going to be doing what the older students are. Workouts are tailored to each individuals abilities, while still getting to train in a group setting.

Since joining I've noticed so many results in my life it's staggering. As it's said the proof is in the results."


"If you ever find yourself saying things like... "I am too busy", "I am too stressed", "I am caught in the daily grind", "I feel like I am doing the same thing over and over each day", believe it or not, this Kung Fu School is the place for you. I am a busy professional that puts in on average 12 hour days and this school is the only thing that balances out my life and my marriage. Not only does it provide stress relief and allow me to be more centered, but it also has helped me to feel more confident and has given me necessary tools to defend myself if I ever need to. Every class is a little different so you get variety and there is always more to learn so you never get bored. If you are looking for something a little more from life, you owe it to yourself to check out this school!"



Our Award Winning Children's Martial Arts is designed to develop the hidden potential of our members. to become Champions in Life!


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