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Looking for a great way to stay in shape and learn incredible self-defense for the real-world or competition setting? Then join us today at The AWTKF for the best Adult Martial Arts Classes in all of California! Our classes focus on teaching you how to develop precise and powerful hand and foot strikes against an opponent of any size. Build your skills from the ground up or take your training to the next level today!

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Why Choose Adult Kung-fu Classes?

Our Adult Martial Arts Classes train students of all ages, meeting the needs of beginners and experts alike. Our team of instructors works hard to meet you on your level, scaling each workout or lesson to fit your unique skills and abilities. Whether you're here to lose weight, learn self-defense, or simply to build better overall fitness, our team at The AWTKF can help you achieve your goals.

In our Adult Martial Arts Classes, you'll learn the ins and outs of several martial arts discipline with high-energy sessions that are consistently fun and motivating. The AWTKF is your source for high-quality Kung-fu training! Success oriented people teaching kung fu, and lessons in life from business, health, living, and more.

Our Adult Kung-fu Classes can help you:

  • Combination striking skills.
  • Effective striking strategies.
  • Accurate strikes to vital areas.
  • The best self-defense for any situation.

Do you dread going to the gym because it's just so boring? With us, that's never an issue. Our Kung-fu classes keep you on your toes, pushing you and challenging you with each and every class. When you come through our doors, you can drop the stresses of everyday life and focus on building your skills one step at a time.

Get more from your body and feel better about your accomplishments with our Kung-fu training at The AWTKF,. Our Adult Martial Arts classes are great for men and women of all skill levels and abilities and can keep you safe in any situation, either here in Miramar, San Diego or wherever life takes you!

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Why is Adults Kung-fu Beneficial

Burns Calories and Keeps You in Good Shape

Adults Kung-fu one of the best ways to lose or burn calories without you realizing it. It has a conducive exercise program that develops and enhances various fitness components, primarily the aerobic which improves your cardio.

Experts state that it’d take two hours of exercise to burn approximately 1,000 calories. In order to relate calorie burning to weight loss, the simple equation is this – 3,600 calories is equal to a pound of fat. Therefore, burning such amount of calories indicates removing one pound of body fat.

Inherit Mental Discipline and Focus

When you train in Adults Kung-fu, you are constantly put to the test. As frustrating as it may seem, we are forced to push ourselves when we are at our weakest. To excel in Kung-fu, the practitioner must ensure that the drills and exercises are given the required effort and time.

80% of Adults Kung-fu competition – of attacking or defending against an opponent – is mental. Thus, training in Adults Kung-fu schools involves conquering your fears against an opponent, staying calm in a stressful situation, and the repetition and development of technique.

Adults Kung-fu entails that the practitioner to have an analytical mind in both sparring and solo practice. This can be seen when the practitioner looks for an opening and weakness in his or her opponent during a fight or when he or she is looking for ways or mixing the various attack angles.

Forge the Warrior Spirit within You

Each time we spar or test our skills with a partner or opponent, we grow a little bit stronger and become more confident. This forges the warrior spirit within us to accept whatever challenges that may come our way.

The AWTKF training can push your body to its limits. This ability to endure hardship and beat the odds forces the indomitable warrior spirit within you. Practice sessions and competitions help you to conquer your self-doubt and engage with a partner or competitor.

Thus, you do not shy away from challenges and battles but welcome it as an opportunity to prove yourself. You are forging the warrior spirit every time you prepare for anything that may come in your way together with the determination to face it when it comes.

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  • Burns Calories and Keeps You in Good Shape.

  • Success Coaching.

  • Develop more Confidence.

  • Improve Your Mental Stamina.

  • Conflict Resolution.

  • Healthy Living boxes.



"The benefits of this place go beyond words. Something special happens here. You can feel it. Fun atmosphere. Good, pure-hearted students. The head instructors have more knowledge than you can ever imagine- about martial arts and life in general. My confidence has gone up ten-fold since joining two years ago (and at the risk of sounding egoic, I will say my confidence already was at a solid base).

Kung Fu will definitely make you work hard and definitely humble you too. I still have so much to learn, but I can't imagine going forward in life (let alone in martial arts) without White Tiger Kung Fu and this school specifically. I feel fortunate to have found it. If you're interested in martial arts, trust your gut. You've found the right place. Come on in!"


"Absolutely love training here. It's a very family oriented place. And the atmosphere is amazing. Just being here makes me feel at home.

During classes we focus on many things from health, leadership, life coaching, focus building and so many other things. Each class makes me feel inspired to do my best each and every day. Pushing myself that extra 1%.

Classes aren't challenging but they push you to your limit. That being said a brand new student off the street isn't going to be doing what the older students are. Workouts are tailored to each individuals abilities, while still getting to train in a group setting.

Since joining I've noticed so many results in my life it's staggering. As it's said the proof is in the results."


"If you ever find yourself saying things like... "I am too busy", "I am too stressed", "I am caught in the daily grind", "I feel like I am doing the same thing over and over each day", believe it or not, this Kung Fu School is the place for you. I am a busy professional that puts in on average 12 hour days and this school is the only thing that balances out my life and my marriage. Not only does it provide stress relief and allow me to be more centered, but it also has helped me to feel more confident and has given me necessary tools to defend myself if I ever need to. Every class is a little different so you get variety and there is always more to learn so you never get bored. If you are looking for something a little more from life, you owe it to yourself to check out this school!"



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